Advice on staying warm this winter

HEALTH chiefs have issued guidance to help people keep warm and well this winter.

NHS Tees is issuing general advice and guidance to avoid common winter health problems.

People are advised to heat their rooms to 21C during the day and 18C at night.

Moving around regularly and wearing plenty of layers will also make sure that you stay warm and not get too cold.

Hot meals, hot drinks and good nutrition are also essential, so it is a good idea to stock up on tinned or frozen food to save having to leave the house when conditions are hazardous outside.

Falls are a common problem during the winter and can cause serious injuries, particularly among older people.

To minimise the risk of a fall, ensure your home is well lit and if you have to venture out in icy conditions, wear sturdy footwear with non-slip soles and ask someone to go with you.

And remember that even though the weather might be cold, it’s important to keep active, even if you can’t venture out.

By moving around at least once an hour and not sitting down for too long will help stay you warm and improve your circulation.

Taking simple steps to make sure you keep warm and well this winter will make sure that we can all enjoy all the festivities.

People can find out more from the NHS Direct website and if you do feel ill, you can check your symptoms at

You can also contact NHS Direct 24-hours-a-day on 0845 4647.