Advice to solve debt problems

PEOPLE are being urged to face up to their money worries during an open day at a support centre.

Bosses at East Durham Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) are encouraging people along to visit their offices in Peterlee for help with post-Christmas debt.

Anyone dreading the arrival of post-festive bills or how over-spending last year could lead to problems this year is urged to take up the help on offer.

The CAB is holding an open day from 10am until 3pm on Wednesday, January 26, at its premises at 17-19 Upper Chare in Peterlee town centre.

There will be sessions with specialist debt advisors available for anyone who wants to speak about their debt problems, whether they are big or small.

Neil Bradbury, the branch's chief officer, said: "The build-up to Christmas is traditionally a quiet time for us.

"But we see a surge in February, March and April as credit card bills hit and problems start to occur with people's debt and other problems.

"We are urging people to seek help before the problem becomes too big."

Claire Talbot, head of advice at the bureau, said: "The open day aims to meet the demand for debt advice after Christmas as quickly as possible."

The Mail reported in December that the CAB helped people manage 5.5m of debt last year and the number of clients seen by the bureau was up 40 per cent on the figure from two years ago, having seen 4,755 people in 2010.

For more information call into the bureau reception at 5th floor Lee House, Upper Chare, Upper Yoden Way, Peterlee, or call (0191) 5872695.