All change for caretaker’s bungalow

A CARETAKER’S bungalow within school grounds is expected to be converted into a community building.

The existing single-storey residential property within the grounds of Golden Flatts Primary School, in Seaton Lane, Hartlepool, is set to be turned into a community-use building for staff, pupils, parents and governors.

Councillors on Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning committee are expected to approve plans for the conversion when they meet on Friday, January 6.

A report to the meeting says the school-managed building would be used for services including family learning, parenting groups, nurture groups and health/medical services.

The application is being presented to the planning committee as the proposal involves a change of use of a council-owned building.

There are no objections to the scheme and the new building’s hours of operation would be limited to between 8am and 8pm to limit any potential impact on neighbouring properties.

The report says: “It is acknowledged that the use of the property for school-related activities has the potential to have an impact on those properties on Seaton Lane and the associated groves, especially if carried out after normal school hours.

“It is considered unlikely the activities proposed would give rise to levels of noise and disturbance which would significantly affect the amenity of neighbours, particularly when considered within the context of the existing school grounds.

“It is unlikely any levels of noise from the property would be above and beyond current levels that are experienced from the day to day activity of the main school itself.”

The report also says it is unlikely that the plans would lead to an increase in traffic and it is therefore considered acceptable in highway safety terms.

The council’s head of public protection has raised no concerns with the scheme and says it is considered unlikely that the proposal will give rise to significant levels of noise and disturbance.