‘All we want for Christmas’ – Hartlepool schoolchildren make their lists

YOUNGSTERS from a Hartlepool school are already gearing up for the festive season with ideas for their Christmas lists.

The pupils from St Bega’s Primary School, in Thorpe Street, on the Headland, are excited to find out whether Santa will be filling their stockings with items from their wish lists – obviously if they are good boys and girls!

New starters at St Bega's Primary School, for use on First Class along with six headshots FLR took

New starters at St Bega's Primary School, for use on First Class along with six headshots FLR took

The Hartlepool Mail went to the school and asked six kids what they would like to find under the tree on December 25 this year.

Joe Cooper, aged 10, said he would like some computer equipment, and also said: “I’d like some new footballs,” as he is a keen player and likes to be in the position of striker on the pitch.

Eleven-year-old Josh Daley said he would like a top-of-the rang mobile phone.

He said: “I only really want an iPhone 6, it’s the main present I want.”

John Thomas, from the school, has his eye on three main gifts this year.

He said: “I’d really like an XBox 1, a BMX bike and Fifa 15.”

Ten-year-old Rhianna Lowther said: “I’d really like a TV in my room and an iPhone 6 because I really like that kind of phone.

“I dont have a TV in my room already so to have one would be good.”

Anya Gooding, aged 10, kept up the iPhone trend saying that she would also like the latest phone.

“I’d like an iPhone 6 and a TV,” she said.

“I would like the iPhone 6 because I think it bends and if you drop it on the floor it won’s smash so you can keep it forever.

“I think it’s the best phone.”

And 10-year-old Eve Robson bucked the trend by staying away from gadgets and electrical goods altogether.

This animal-loving youngster would like to find a new pet among her pile of presents.

She said: “I would really like another dog for Christmas.

“I’ve got two other dogs already and I’d really love a third one.”

Eve added: “I don’t really want anything else.

“I’d just be happy with another dog.”