Angela Wrightson 'begged for mercy' as teenage girls battered her to death, court told

Angela Wrightson
Angela Wrightson

A woman pleaded for mercy as she was battered to death by two teenage girls in her own home, jurors were told.

Two teenage girls are being tried over the murder of 39-year-old Angela Wrightson at her home in Stephenson Street, Hartlepool, on December 8, 2014.

Both defendants, who were 13 and 14 at the time, deny the charge.

A friend of the younger girl, who is now 14, gave evidence at the court today via video link.

She told the court that the younger girl had confided in her the grim details of the brutal assault on the frail and vulnerable alcoholic the day after the incident - and just hours before her arrest.

The court heard previously that the victim had been subjected to a 'sustained and brutal' attack involving a variety of weapons - including a TV, a wooden stick laced with screws, a coffee table and a shovel.

In a police interview shown in court, she stated that the younger girl told her Wrightson had been 'kicked and stamped on' during the attack, while the older girl came up with a plan to place a knife near to her prone body in a bid to make it appear she had harmed herself.

The girl said during the police interview: " (defendant's name) She told me Angela was saying 'stop, I'm scared.'

"She said there was pools of blood and flesh was coming out of her head."

The witness said her friend had told her the row had been sparked when Ms Wrightson threatened her with a knife.

Both her and her frfiend then 'retaliated', trashing the home and hurling objects at Wrightson.

The girl added that her friend had blood on her hands and clothing when she her the day after the attack.

She said the pair had gone back to Ms Wrightson's house on a second occasion.

She added: "She said they went back to the house. They went to find a knife to make it seem like she did it herself.

"They couldn't find a knife. She said (older girl) came up with the idea.

She said when she asked her friend if Angela was dead when they left the house her account varied from her being knocked out to dead.

The witness asked her why she hadn't called police if she believed she might be dead, she said 'because I wanted her dead'.

The witness said that her friend had been 'shaking' and not herself' when she read about the murder on a news site on her phone when they met up.

She said she had asked her how 'long a person' would get for murder.

The witness said her friend told her the pair and hiddeen in another room of the house when there was knock on the door during the night they were at Ms Wrightson's home.

Under cross-examination from Jamie Hill QC, counsel for the younger girl, the witness said she had attended Wrightson's home with both defendants around two months previous.

She said Wrightson would go to thye shop to buy alcohol for the girls, who would share wht they bought with her.

She said that at time the older girl was 'frightened' of Wrightson due to her heavy drinking and didn't wish to be left alone with her and the younger girl during that stay.

She added that the younger defendant was 'full of hate' for Wrightson and would act aggressive and swear at her.

Under cross-examination by John Elvidge QC, counsel for the younger girl, the witness said found the details of the attack told by her friend 'horrifi