Angela Wrightson's mother 'will never be able to blink away' images of her brutally murdered daughter

Floral tributes at Angela Wrightson's home in the days after the attack.
Floral tributes at Angela Wrightson's home in the days after the attack.

The judge in the Angela Wrightson case told the teenagers responsible for her brutal murder of the horrendous impact it has had on the 39-year-old's family.

Maureen Wrightson's heartbreaking account of her struggle to come to terms with the brutal tragedy was told in court as Mr Justice Henry Globe passed sentence on her killers.

She said she was 'disgusted' by the thought of the two heartless teens laughing and giggling as they called for police for a lift home - after subjecting her daughter to a ferocious and frenzied attack.

She described the 'horror'' of seeing Angela's beaten body in the mortuary.

Mr Justice Globe said: "Angie's mother has written to the court in emotional terms.

"She describes the horror of seeing Angie's battered body in the mortuary.

"She does not think she will ever be able to blink those images away.

"Having seen what Angie looked like at the time, I readily understand why she is of that view."

Ms Wrightson's mother said in her statement that she couldn't understand how the pair could have acted with such merciless violence.

Mr Justice Globe added: "She cannot understand how you could have been as violent as you were.

"She is not alone in that view.

"She has been disgusted by the laughing and giggling and sharing of photographs during the time and immediately after the attack."

The court was told that she is 'physically and emotionally' drained by her horrific ordeal.

Mr Justice Globe added: "She eventually found it so difficult to listen to the evidence that she had to stop coming to court.

"She remains emotionally and physically drained and needs specialist help in order to cope.

"She refers not only to the loss of her daughter but also to the pain and suffering you (the defendants) have caused her and other mmebers of Angie's family and friends."

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