Anger after false leg is confiscated

Michael Casey
Michael Casey

A ONE-LEGGED yob with 176 convictions started to trash his police cell after officers confiscated his artificial leg.

Michael Casey was locked up after causing a nuisance while out drinking in Hartlepool town centre.

Custody officers took away a prosthetic leg he uses after having to have a limb amputated following a fall on the former Steetley site, in the West View area of town.

Casey, of Warren Road, Hartlepool, accused them of breaking the rules and asked for a book on the regulations, which he then destroyed by throwing it against the cell wall.

The 31-year-old’s admitted failing to comply with a direction to leave order by a PC and committing criminal damage on January 29 when he appeared at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

Liam O’Brien, prosecuting, said Casey had been locked up because he failed to follow a notice given by police telling him he was not allowed back in the town centre area for 48 hours because he was drunk and posed a risk.

Officers even dropped him off at home in an effort to stop him causing any more disorder after he had shouted at bouncers who refused to let him into Yates’s, in Victoria Road.

But Casey refused to follow the officers’ orders and was arrested after being spotted back in the street two hours later.

Mr O’Brien added: “He made full admissions and said he was upset that officers had taken his artificial leg from him.

“He said he responded by throwing the book, which is worth between £5 and £10 at the wall.”

Neil Taylor, mitigating, said: “He had asked for the book because he felt the police had breached his human rights by taking his leg.

“It’s almost laughable how they can remove someone’s leg for safety reasons and make him unable to walk.

“He was very disappointed with how he was dealt with and that aspects of his treatment didn’t follow what is laid out in the book.”

Casey was given a three-week curfew from 11pm-7am, was fined £200 and was ordered to pay £5 compensation.

The Hartlepool Mail reported how Casey lost his leg after falling 3ft down a pothole on the derelict industrial site in December 2009.