Anger as bins left full for weeks after refuse changes

Wooler Road resident Paul Tobin whose bins have not been collected..
Wooler Road resident Paul Tobin whose bins have not been collected..

A COUNCIL has apologised to a homeowner and five of his neighbours whose bins have not been emptied correctly for three weeks due to “confusion” over refuse changes.

Paul Tobin contacted the Mail after being ignored by Hartlepool Borough Council bin men for three weeks running.

The married company director, of Wooler Road, in Hartlepool, said his refuse was previously collected on a Wednesday, before the arrangement was changed to a Thursday.

But when the council revised its rubbish collections at the beginning of April, six homes in Wooler Road – including Paul’s – were told that their bins would be emptied on a Friday.

But they were left out of the route.

This meant that Peter has had to ring the council each week for three weeks to complain that his bin has not been collected, and re-arrange for bin men to call at his home.

On at least one occasion he had to wait four days until the Monday, before his rubbish was taken away.

Paul, who has lived at his home for 17 years, said: “First our rubbish was collected on a Wednesday and that then changed to a Thursday. Then it changed from Thursdays to Fridays and that’s when the problem started.

“Due to the route they would miss out six houses in Wooler Road, mine and my neighbours’.

“I obviously rang up to complain and on one occasion they apologised and said they would be there on the Saturday to collect it, but nobody came out until the Monday.”

He added: “Our block of houses have been completely ignored. It’s not rocket science to go to the end of a road making sure you get everyone’s bins is it?

“It’s not good enough basically when you’re paying taxes. The tax up here is quite high as well.

“I don’t want to be ranting and raving, but when you’re a tax payer you expect to get your bins emptied.”

A council spokesman apologised to Paul, saying: “Overall the revised refuse/recycling changes that came into force at the beginning of April have gone very well.

“We do however accept that there have been some occasions when collections from a small number of properties in Wooler Road have not taken place for which we have apologised.

“Currently, the collection day for most of Wooler Road properties is a Thursday with just six properties having their collections on a Friday which has led to some confusion.

“However, we have decided to collect from all Wooler Road properties on a Thursday in the future and are writing out to the six householders affected to inform them of the change.”