Anger as bins not emptied in Hartlepool because of ‘presence of parked vehicles’

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RUBBISH bins went uncollected for days as binmen could not drive their wagon down a street because of parking problems.

Council rubbish collectors had to go back on different days in order to pick up recycling and household wheelie bins in the King Oswy area of Hartlepool.

Grey bins for household rubbish, belonging to residents in Miller Crescent and Merriman Green, were due to be emptied by the council last Friday.

They were finally picked up yesterday lunchtime after one frustrated resident contacted the Mail about the problems.

The man, who does not wish to be named, claimed refuse collectors refused to drive down Miller Crescent for fear of damaging parked cars.

But the council has called on people to be more considerate when parking in the area and has written to residents.

The resident said: “The rubbish just gets left to blow all over. I’ve rang the council a few times this week and so have the neighbours but the council just isn’t interested.

“The binmen say there are that many cars they can’t get down without risking damaging any cars, but the other wagon for the green bins can get down.

“The binmen have just got to walk 10 or 15 feet to pick them up but they won’t do it. If the wagon is too big why don’t they send a smaller one?”

Binmen could not get to the grey bins, which are collected fortnightly, on Friday, November 29, and again last Friday.

But the council says they later went back when the road was more quiet.

The resident added: “I think the council needs to spend some money to remove the path and sort some parking spaces out.”

A spokesman for Hartlepool Council said: “Bin wagons making kerbside refuse and recycling collections in this area were unable to access homes on a number of occasions due to the presence of parked vehicles.

“This resulted in residents’ bins and blue boxes not being emptied at their scheduled times.

“The collections were, however, completed satisfactorily after refuse/recycling crews subsequently returned to 
the area at a time when they were able to access the properties.

“We would like to apologise to residents for any inconvenience they have experienced.

“ We would also appeal to them to support our efforts to resolve this issue by keeping streets as clear as possible of parked vehicles on their specified collection days.

“To that end, we are currently in the process of sending out letters to residents requesting their co-operation.”