Anger at cafe booze plans

InspIrations Coffe House and Garden Centre.
InspIrations Coffe House and Garden Centre.

DOZENS of people have had their say after a cafe in a cemetery was given an extension of the hours it can sell alcohol.

Putting Hartlepool First leader Keith Dawkins stormed out of a meeting over a proposal to increase the hours that alcoholic drinks can be served in Inspirations Coffee House, based within Stranton Cemetery, Hartlepool, where his parents are buried.

The coffee house within the cemetery had a licence to sell alcohol until 6.30pm seven days a week before approval was granted to serve booze until 9pm.

Council officials previously said the licence would be used for events such as gardening talks and wine-tasting events, particularly during the busy summer months.

But dozens of people have commented on the story on the Mail’s website at

Krombi said: “If you cannot respect the dead, expect no respect for the living either, and that’s just what we have in the town, a lack of respect for anyone or anything.

“We are allowed precious little rest when alive. Please, let us rest in peace after our death.”

littlecheryl wrote: “There’s enough pubs in and around Hartlepool without having to add one in a cemetery!”

polly87 said: “My brother is buried there, and my father’s ashes are scattered there – it’s a resting place, not an entertainment venue!”

bruno65 wrote: “I have both my parents in the cemetery and am disgusted at this decision.”

arrow ed commented: “I always thought a cemetery was a place were our loved ones are laid to rest in peace and were we can pay our respects.”

geoff.lilley said: “In my opinion a drinks licence is totally inappropriate given the location.

“There is no shortage of places in Hartlepool to buy a drink, do we really need one right on the doorstep of the town main cemetery?”

Jaycee123 commented: “For goodness’ sake, its a resting place for the dead and supposed to be a quiet, reflective place where families/friends of the deceased can visit.”

Kate Erskine said: “Complete disrespect for the dead – complete disrespect for the living; societies can be ‘judged’ by their attitude to their ancestors and the wisdom which time may impart.”

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