Angry residents voice their concerns

ANGRY residents turned out in force to voice their concerns.

Mum-of-two Patricia Allen, 69, from the Throston area, said: “I have worked all my life and paid National Insurance contributions, but I am not getting anything back.”

Pensioner Susan Grosby, from the Headland, said: “The One Life Centre is not adequate.”

Pamela Bagnall, a pensioner from the West Park area, added: “The A&E should be brought back and we should fight to keep the hospital open.”

Retired builder Ron Hadfield, 72, of Brunel Close, said: “I think it is wrong the way they are treating people.”

Sid Holroyd, 78, a retired shipwright of Loyalty Road, said: “The changes concern me. I have had three mini heart attacks and I am frightened.”

Sue Saunders, 59, from Wynyard, said: “The people of Wynyard don’t want the new hospital at Wynyard, neither do people in Hartlepool or Stockton.”

Among those unable to get inside was Ray Hay, 78, from Seaton Carew, who said: “That room was never going to be big enough.”

Michelle Plant, 50, from Clavering, said: “They knew in advance the number of people that were going to turn up.”

Ada Sowerby, 74, said: “I think it is disgusting. This meeting should have been held in the Town Hall.”

Jean Kennedy, 72, of Waldon Street, said: “They are not allowing us to have our say.”

Retired miner Barry Chambers, 69, from Blackhall, said: “It is disgusting what is happening here in Hartlepool.”