Anne Darwin grounded by law officials

Anne Darwin
Anne Darwin

RECENTLY released fraudster Anne Darwin will be unable to jet off to enjoy her riches in Panama or make a penny from her part in the infamous back-from-the-dead scam.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) officials have confirmed that criminals on licence after being released early from a prison sentence can only go overseas in exceptional circumstances such as the death of a loved one abroad.

Both Anne and her husband John, who is also out of prison, will also be unable to make a penny from their illegal dealings due to the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, which prevents people from cashing in on a crime, including “exploiting information about the offence”.

Any money they do make can be seized.

It has also been revealed that Anne’s £62,000 Panama apartment has been sold with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) expecting the money to be returned to the UK shortly, having already seized £157,720 from her back accounts in Britain and Jersey.

Land in Panama worth more than £230,000 and HSBC accounts totalling more than £140,000 in the country have not yet been confiscated. But neither Anne or John will be able to get back to the country any time soon.

A spokesman for the MoJ said: “People on licence can not travel abroad unless for exceptional circumstances, such as the death of a family member in another country.

“Even then they must have permission to do so and give precise details of when and where they are travelling and when they will return.”

Anne, 59, was released from Askham Grange, in York, on Wednesday, after serving half of a six-year and six-month month sentence.

John, 60, was released from Moorland open prison, in Doncaster, last month. He was half-way through a six-year and three-month sentence.

They served time after creating an elaborate story that John had died while out canoeing off Seaton Carew in 2002, allowing Anne to claim £250,000 in life insurance and pensions.

They lied to their sons, saying John had drowned, when in fact they had both decided to flee to Panama to live off their ill-gotten gains.

John walked into a UK police station in December 2007, claiming he was a missing person but had amnesia.

Their story began to unravel after a photo of the pair turned up on the internet.

A spokeswoman for the CPS said Anne is co-operating with an enforcement receiver who is recovering illegally-gained money and property.

She added: “The enforcement receiver appointed by the court in this case is working closely with the Panamanian authorities and continues to actively pursue those assets.

“There is currently no reason to believe the Panama assets from Mrs Darwin’s criminal behaviour will not be recovered.”