Anonymous donations boosts charity drive for stillborn baby’s family

Angela and Tinny Bennett with the �100 donation they have received from a wellwisher
Angela and Tinny Bennett with the �100 donation they have received from a wellwisher

An anonymous charity donor has given £100 to the family of a stillborn baby who are holding a charity drive – just weeks after making a similar donation.

A letter was hand-delivered to the Mail’s office in Scarborough Street with instructions to pass on the enclosed cash to Angela and Tinny Bennett, who had appeared in the Mail to raise funds to buy a piece of equipment called a Cuddle Cot for the University Hospital of North Tees.

The cot helps keep stillborn babies cool so their parents can spend as much time with them as possible. This is the second time the Mail has received such a generous donation accompanying a letter from an unnamed person – the handwriting being the same both times.

The first time, £250 was inside an envelope for Manor Community Academy schoolgirls Louisa McCann, 12, Holly Gale, 12, Lucy Burnett, 12, and Mia Levitt, 11 who are having their hair cut for charity.

The youngsters were as shocked as Angela and Tinny, whose baby Cameron was stillborn in May 2013.

Angela said: “I am absolutely gobsmacked that a random stranger has read our story, liked what we are doing and said ‘there’s some money to help’. It’s absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank whoever it is enough. It is so kind and will make a big difference.”

The Bennetts are holding a music night at the Fisherman’s Arms, in Southgate, on the Headland, on July 8, from 7.30pm, where a Hartlepool United football will be auctioned.