Army helicopter helps boost sea defences after devastating flooding

AN Army helicopter was drafted in to help boost flood defences following this week’s weather.

The RAF helicopter swooped over Seaton Carew and used winches to move tonnes of boulders from the sea front to Seal Sands, at Greatham Creek, to prevent further flooding at Port Clarence after it was left underwater on Thursday night after the storms hit.

OPERATION: An RAF Chinook helicopter working in Greatham Creek

OPERATION: An RAF Chinook helicopter working in Greatham Creek

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said: “Repairs are being carried out on the flood defence at Seal Sands, on the outskirts of Hartlepool, that was damaged by the storm surge. We are working over the weekend and making all efforts to temporarily repair the defence as quickly as possible.”

Met Office experts are predicting calmer weather over the weekend with sunshine and clouds but with wind speeds of up to 10mph on Saturday and gusts of up to 20mph. Temperatures are expected to reach a chilly 5C.

A warmer day is expected on Sunday with thermometers hitting 10C which will feel cooler as a result of the 17mph winds with gusts of 29mph.