Auf Wiedersehen, as Tim sails down coast

Timothy Spall and wife Shane stop off at the marina during their tour around the UK
Timothy Spall and wife Shane stop off at the marina during their tour around the UK

HARRY Potter movie star Timothy Spall sailed into Hartlepool this week as part of a seafaring challenge around Britain.

Timothy shot to fame in the early 1980s as hapless brickie Barry Taylor in Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

He has starred in a host of other TV shows over the past 25 years including Frank Stubbs Promotes and The Street.

The dad of three has appeared in five of the Harry Potter blockbusters.

These include the final instalment Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, which opens nationwide on Friday.

The 51-year-old is currently filming a documentary, Spall at Sea, which will be screened by the BBC in August.

Timothy’s tour around Britain by sea has seen him travel down the North-East coastline over the past few days and after stopping off at Berwick and Newcastle, his boat, The Princess Matilda, berthed in Hartlepool on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, Timothy, who is joined on the show by his wife Shane, left Hartlepool and headed for Whitby.

He said: “We are really enjoying our trip down the coast. We’ve been up to Newcastle and it’s off to Whitby next.

“It’s lovely to be in Hartlepool, it seems a really nice place and the marina is lovely.

“Sadly we were only in town for one day. It would have been nice to have stayed a bit longer for a good look around.”

Paul Crompton, who is directing the Spall at Sea documentary, said: “This is a project Tim has been working on for six years, on and off.

‘‘He set off near London and is circumnavigating Britain.

“When he is working the boat is moored and he goes off to wherever he needs to be for work

He goes back to the boat when his filming is finished.

“He is well on course to get back to London, where the route started and finishes and the programme will be shown on BBC4 in early August.”