Baby born after mercy dash

Baby Tommy Tarran pictured with parents Fred and Sarah and sister Angel.
Baby Tommy Tarran pictured with parents Fred and Sarah and sister Angel.

LITTLE Tommy Tarran had a dramatic entry into the world on New Year’s Day after his frantic parents flagged down a passing car to get them to the hospital in time.

Frantic dad Fred Tarran, 43, ran into the street after wife Sarah’s waters broke at 1.20am yesterday.

He rang for an ambulance, but when it did not arrive after some time, and with Sarah’s contractions getting closer, he flagged down a passing car and persuaded the driver, who was Chinese, to dash them to hospital.

Tommy made his grand appeareance at Hartlepool Birthing Centre just under an hour later at 3.27am weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 2oz.

Forklift truck driver Fred said: “We nearly had him in the house. I was washing my hands and getting towels.

“Then I flagged somebody down on the street. I was in a panic.

“He ran us down to the hospital and helped us in.”

Sarah said: “We really would like to know who they are just to say thank you.”

The couple, from the Belle Vue area of town, had been trying for a second child for more than six years and had approached the hospital’s Assisted Reproduction Unit for help.

But Sarah fell pregnant naturally before starting any treatment.

She said Tommy’s arrival completes their family along with their daughter Angel, aged 11.

“We’ve got a boy and a girl now,” said Sarah, a full-time mum. “Anything else would be greedy.”

She added: “He’s absolutely wonderful. He is feeding fine.”

Tommy had been due on New Year’s Eve, but kept his mum and dad hanging on.

Sarah said: “We were predicting when he was going to come. Fred put his hand on my belly and said ‘come on son, it’s time to come out, it’s your birthday’ and within an hour my waters broke.

“Angel’s birthday is in December and I said he waited for January to come around because he didn’t want to share the same month.”

Fred and Sarah praised the care they received at the brithing centre.