Baby born at 11.11am on 11/11/11

Isabelle Poppy Flounders
Isabelle Poppy Flounders

LITTLE Isabelle Poppy Flounders made a memorable arrival into the world, at 11.11am on November 11, 2011.

The cute Hartlepool baby beat the odds to be born at the patriotic moment, just minutes after millions of people observed a two-minute silence to remember the nation’s war dead.

And Isabelle’s birth was even more dramatic after her mum, Nikki Llewellyn, suffered a four-week “nightmare” after her waters broke at 33 weeks.

Nikki, 28, from the Clavering area of town, spoke of her shock at her first-born’s birthday and time.

She said: “It was strange that she just so happened to come out at 11.11am on November 11, 2011.

“I suppose I’ll tell her all about her very special time and date of birth when she gets older.”

Dad Liam Flounders, a 25-year-old joiner from the King Oswy area, was also astounded by his daughter’s arrival time.

Isabelle was born at the University Hospital of North Tees weighing a healthy 6lb 7oz.

Nikki had been in and out of hospital after her waters broke four weeks ago while she was at home.

She said: “I knew the baby was fine and I knew I was getting looked after.

“But it’s been a bit of a nightmare.”

She was rushed to the Stockton-based hospital, where she was kept in for four days while medics monitored her and gave her antibiotics to stop any infection.

Upon her release, she went to the day centre at the University Hospital of Hartlepool for check-ups twice a week.

But two weeks later, she returned to the hospital after vomiting.

She said: “I was dehydrated and couldn’t keep my food and drink down.

“They had me on a drip and kept me in for four days.”

Nikki returned home and her consultant at the University Hospital of Hartlepool told her to have an induced labour at 37 weeks as the baby was high-risk.

But the induction tablets failed and instead she was pencilled in for a Caesarean section to take place on Friday, November 11.

Former Henry Smith School pupil Nikki said: “I was given four tablets that bring labour on but they didn’t work.

“I was taken down for a Caesarean at 10am and Isabelle just happened to come at 11.11am.”

Nikki said the middle name Poppy was chosen on Thursday, when medics told her the scheduled Caesarean date.

“When we found out I was having the section on the 11th, I said ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have her middle name as Poppy’,” she added.

“But we didn’t know that’s what the time would be when she came out. It was a total shock to us.

“It was a nice day all round.”

Little Isabelle’s birth was made even more special as she arrived on her auntie Joanne Llewellyn’s 30th birthday.