Baby’s grave is trashed

Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse at the grave of their son Aston Scotney Gorse
Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse at the grave of their son Aston Scotney Gorse

A COUPLE say cruel vandals have reached new lows after their baby’s grave was targeted once again - this time on what would have been his second birthday.

Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse lost their precious baby Aston Scotney-Gorse in July 2012 when he tragically died in his mother’s womb.

On top of this the heartbroken pair have had to put up with a string of disgraceful thefts from his grave, including the small granite headstone which bore his name and details, forcing them to save money to get a CCTV camera on their baby’s resting place.

But on Wednesday, July 16 – on Aston’s birthday – Anne-Marie went to visit the grave and discovered that it had once again been trashed, with the brand new headstone being pushed over and the toys scattered on top of it.

Ann-Marie said: “I am absolutely fuming that this has happened, but it happening on his birthday just makes it so much worse.

“I went down on his birthday to put some new windmills and toys on and I found it like that.

“It just makes me feel so sick, it’s hard to describe.

“I want to know what these sickos are getting out of it really.

“I mean wrecking a baby’s grave for god’s sake, it’s just horrendous.”

Ann-Marie, 27, and Carl, 34, said the whole saga makes the grieving process a lot harder.

The pair, of Ellison Street, Hartlepool, were thrilled when Ann-Marie fell pregnant in October 2011 after meeting two-and-a-half years earlier.

But Ann-Marie suffered several complications throughout the pregnancy which resulted in unborn Aston’s heart stopping.