Back home for gig

Alcoholic turned musician, Andy Oliver.
Alcoholic turned musician, Andy Oliver.

A MUSICIAN who battled the booze with the help of his guitar is back “home” for a performance tomorrow.

Andy Oliver, 33, says he drank around 12 pints, seven days a week for around 10 years.

His booze demons even once caused him to be revived in hospital due to the effects of alcohol.

But he says those problems are now well and truly buried in the past thanks to the help of music.

After teaming up with close friend Jim Ellel, the pair penned lyrics to a number of songs.

Performing under the stage name, Andy Oliver, their first two singles spectacularly reached the top 20 in the iTunes chart.

And ahead of the release of their third single, Andy, who now lives in Clitheroe, Lancashire, is back in Hart Village, where he grew up, for a solo performance.

“It’s always nice to come back home,” said Andy, a former English Martyrs School pupil whose mum and dad, Ann, 55, and Mike, 57, still live in Hart Village.

“We have had a great response from a lot of people in Hartlepool so it’s great to come back and play.”

Andy is hoping this year follows in the same pattern as a hugely successful 2011, which included playing a number of festivals and a performance in Berlin.

Looking back on his past Andy, who is married to actress Janet Bamford, 42, added: “Obviously that is always going to be a factor for me, but getting through those problems have landed me in the place I am now.”

Andy will perform at the White Hart, in Hart Village, tomorrow starting at around 8.30pm.

Admission is free.

The new single, Scar, is available to download from Tuesday, January 24.