Backing for minimum booze price

GOVERNMENT plans to bring in a minimum price for alcohol have received warm backing from North-East campaigners.

The Government Health Committee’s review of the Government’s Alcohol Strategy has come up with a number of recommendations.

They included plans for a regularly reviewed minimum price for booze as well as a recommendation that the level should be the same as that set in Scotland.

The proposals also recommend that the Government should look at the problems alcohol cause on a broader scale, and not just those associated with binge drinking.

The suggestions were warmly welcomed by Colin Shevills, the director of the North-East alcohol awareness group Balance.

He said: “This report is an important contribution towards addressing the scourge of alcohol misuse which is devastating not only the North-East, but the whole of the UK.

“Importantly, it calls on Government to look beyond binge drinking alone and tackle as a top priority the broad spectrum of problems caused by alcohol misuse.

“Importantly, the report acknowledges, just as the Government’s Alcohol Strategy does, that alcohol marketing encourages consumption.”

Balance has launched a petition calling on Government to introduce greater regulation over alcohol marketing, to support it, visit