Badminton boys in UK final

Andrew Busby(left) and Joseph Wilson.
Andrew Busby(left) and Joseph Wilson.

A QUARTET of badminton players have won a place in the final of a UK-wide contest.

Four teenagers from the 4th Hartlepool Boys’ Brigade entered the National Badminton Competition.

Andrew Busby(right) and Joseph Wilson.

Andrew Busby(right) and Joseph Wilson.

Andrew Woodhall, 17, Joseph Wilson, 18, Logan Swales, 17, and Andrew Busby, 14, have already beaten off challenges from other teams across Teesside, Liverpool and Bedford.

And now the sporty foursome are preparing to battle it out in the final.

The clash is being held in Jordan’s Town, in Northern Ireland, on Saturday.

The lads’ proud Boys’ Brigade leader, George Bainbridge, 56, said he was delighted with his team.

He even went so far as to say that they were the best Boys’ Brigade badminton team he has seen since starting out as a leader in 1979.

“They’re the best team we’ve ever had,” said George.

“They’ve done themselves proud, the group proud and the town proud in getting this far.

“Now they’re all looking forward to the final and are practising hard.

“We’re travelling by ferry the day before the competition and we return on the Sunday.

“Hopefully it will be a successful trip that will see them crowned champions and get the trophy.

“But if they don’t win, well they’ve still done a brilliant job.”

The competition, aimed at Boys’ Brigade members, aged 14 to 18, kicked off in November at The Avondale Centre, in Dyke House School, off Mapleton Road.

The venue has seen the boys getting in hours and hours of training in preparation for the big event.