Ban for Hartlepool driver who refused to take test

John Ansbro refused to take a test at the police station
John Ansbro refused to take a test at the police station

A driver who crashed his car while over the limit has been banned from the roads after refusing to take a breath test.

John Ansbro, 46, was spotted by a member of the public in his damaged Ford Kuga on a roundabout, Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard.

Ann Darwin, prosecuting, said: “The member of the public felt the car was stationary in a dangerous position. The front offside tyre was badly shredded, and the metal of the wheel was in contact with the road.

“Mr Ansbro was asked if he was alright to which he replied he was.

“The member of the public attempted to move the car, but he became concerned when Mr Ansbro tried to drive off. Police were called and breath tested Ansbro at the roadside which gave a reading of 101 in breath, against the legal limit of 35.

“He later refused to take part in the formal breath testing procedure at the police station.”

The court heard the roadside reading was inadmissible as evidence of drink driving, but could be taken into account when deciding the sentence for the failure to provide a specimen at the police station.

Ansbro, of The Loft, Shertaton West Grange Farm, Elwick, admitted failing to provide a specimen of breath.

John Ellwood, defending, said: “Mr Ansbro wished to consult my firm before taking the test at the police station. The law says a test can be delayed for a short time if a solicitor is available immediately to speak to the client.

“There wasn’t one available in this case.

“Had I spoken with Mr Ansbro on the telephone, I would have told him to get on and take the test.

Ansbro was banned from driving for 18 months, and ordered to pay £470 in fines and costs within 28 days.