Banners unfurled at ‘party’ to mark Baroness Thatcher’s funeral

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BANNERS protesting against Baroness Thatcher’s legacy were held up outside a social club hosting a “massive party” on the day of her funeral.

A coach load of people had arrived at Easington Colliery Club and Institute, where members of Durham Miners’ Association, including general secretary Dave Hopper – who last week likened Baroness Thatcher to Hitler – said a “massive party” was planned.

Scathing banners were unfurled, including one which said “the lady is not returning”, at the same time as Baroness Thatcher’s funeral was taking place in London.

Mr Hopper, who cracked open a 20-year-old bottle of malt whisky when Mrs Thatcher’s death was announced last week, said: “It’s about Thatcher, that’s what I’ll be there for. We have got a beautiful banner with a number of verses about Thatcher. It says ‘where there was peace, she brought discomfort, where there was employment, she brought unemployment”.