Bathroom fire

A FAMILY raised the alarm after an extractor fan in their downstairs bathroom caught fire.

Crews from Peterlee Fire Station were called to Seventh Street, in Horden, at 5.15pm on Thursday, after reports of a bathroom fire.

Firefighters said an extractor fan had caught fire.

They say the parents and young daughter safely left the house through the back door, with the firefighters coming in through the front door.

They were able to return to the house once the small fire had been dealt with.

There was smoke damage to the bathroom and fire damage to the fan itself.

It is believed the extractor fan had stopped working the week before and it may have short-circuited causing the fire.

It came shortly before firefighters were called after a grass fire spread to a garden fence.

Crews from Peterlee Fire Station were called to Shaftesbury Avenue, in Blackhall, shortly after 6pm.

A pile of grass and tree cuttings caught fire to the rear of houses and spread to a garden fence.

Firefighters were alerted by one of the residents and there was fire damage to the fence.

It is not known how the grass fire started.

Officers from Stranton Fire Station were also called out after a rubbish fire on a piece of open land.

The rubbish pile, which was the size of a bin bag, was on fire on land off Greenland Road, in Hartlepool, at 6.30pm last night.

The fire is believed to have been started deliberately.