Be clear on present danger

Christmas shoppers.
Christmas shoppers.
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RETAILERS probably wish it could be Christmas every day as the tills start ringing and customers begin to pay.

Billions of pounds will be spent on millions of items in shops and on the internet in the run-up to the big day, as we all strive to tick off every item on our list.

But with so many items being sold, the law of averages tells us that some of them are bound to be faulty, despite the best efforts of manufacturers to ensure their goods meet quality standards.

With this in mind, it is important that shoppers know their rights just in case the worst happens – that must-have toy turns out to be a dud, or the socks you bought your dad already have holes in the toes.

Neil Harrison, senior trading standards officer with Hartlepool Trading Standards, urged shoppers to become more familiar with their consumer rights, saying: “The period before Christmas is obviously a very hectic time and a great deal of money is being spent on gifts for friends and family.

“Therefore it is important that shoppers are familiar with their consumer rights, both before making purchases and afterwards, when things can go wrong.

“I would urge people to browse the consumer pages at and check the tips provided.”