Beaches cleaned as part of waste survey

A RANGE of rubbish was picked up on a beach as part of a project to clean-up the seaside.

More than 50 volunteers descended on the sands of Blackhall Rocks over the weekend to record the types and quantity of litter on the shore.

The event was part of a BeachWatch survey to collect information from across the country that can be used to target waste problems.

Maria Murphy, a countryside development officer for Durham County Council’s countryside service, said: “We picked up litter in two areas and recorded what type of litter it is, such as whether it is plastic, wood, etc, or where it is from.

“It builds up a picture of what is happening around the country and that can be used by policy makers to try and make a difference.

“We had a fantastic turnout and had the sunshine, which really helped. It’s a beautiful beach.”