Becky’s final words: “I love you”

Becky Bell pictured with mum Julie.
Becky Bell pictured with mum Julie.

THE heartbroken mum of Hartlepool’s little princess Becky Bell today choked back tears as she revealed the final words of her brave daughter were “I love you”.

Despite her strength and senses failing her in her final hour, adorable Becky, surrounded by her loving family, beckoned her mum over and quietly whispered her last words.

Speaking for the first time since the devastating tragedy, mum Julie, 40, said even in her last days Becky did not complain once.

In fact the night before she passed away the inspirational seven-year old laughed and joked with nurses and family members as she watched one of her favourite films, Toy Story.

Julie and husband Mark, 36, gave their deepest thanks to the thousands of people throughout the town for their “incredible support” through the seven-month ordeal and since Becky sadly passed away.

Becky’s story touched the hearts of thousands, and more than 500 tributes were left on the Hartlepool Mail’s Facebook page in the hours after her death.

The tragedy extended beyond Hartlepool. Becky Bell was at one point the third most-talked-about person in the world on social networking site Twitter.

Despite the devastation of witnessing their “beautiful” daughter battling brain cancer, the loving couple said Becky lived her dream in the last year after medics delivered

the news.

A five-star trip to Disneyland Paris, which included Becky taking part in the parade, and the youngster’s face lighting up as she chatted to pop superstars JLS online, are memories that can never be taken away from Julie and Mark.

And Julie, also a mum to Vicki, 23 and Mark, 11, said Becky’s princess-themed funeral was exactly how she would have wanted it – magical.

But the couple, who stayed incredibly strong throughout the ordeal, said the pain of losing Becky will never ease.

“It’s getting harder rather than easier at the minute,” said Julie.

“We have been trying to keep busy, but it’s on a night when it’s really tough.

“It’s just a numb feeling.”

Julie and Mark speak with immense pride of Becky’s bravery throughout her battle against the tumour.

They said medics continually told of their “amazement” at how well Becky dealt with the ordeal.

Even in her final days she remained strong, playing games at home with nurses and her family and watching films.