Belt up or face instant penalty

POLICE are backing a campaign aimed at saving lives on the roads.

Officers from Durham and Cleveland Roads Policing Units are joining in a Europe-wide seat belt campaign next week.

During the campaign, which runs from Monday, February 14, to Sunday, February 20, officers will be stopping vehicles if the occupants are not wearing the required seat restraints, issuing fixed penalty notices or reporting offenders for summons.

Inspector Ken Cook, head of strategic roads policing at Durham Constabulary, said: “Failing to wear a seat belt remains one of the main reasons why some people do not survive collisions.

“Drivers have a legal and moral duty to themselves and their passengers to ensure that everyone in their vehicle, and especially a child, is wearing a seat restraint before moving off.

“It’s always important to wear a seat restraint, whether you’re going on a long journey or a short trip to the shops.”

Police say many employed drivers believe they are exempt from the legislation, but this is only the case in vehicles constructed or adapted for carrying goods, while on a journey that does not exceed around 150ft and which is for the purpose of delivering or collecting anything.

Insp Cook added: “The primary aim of this campaign is to reduce casualties and save lives.”