Benidorm singer helps sun set on club

A TV star is bringing some sunshine to a historic social club before it closes its doors and moves to a new home.

Shaun Foster Conley, the singing star from ITV’s hit comedy series Benidorm, will perform at Hartlepool Rovers Quoit Club later this month.

Shaun, who regularly features on the show belting out hits at the holiday resort’s cabaret night in the Neptune Bar, is appearing as part of the club’s Thursday Night Reunion.

Broadcaster Paul “Goffy” Gough arranged for Shaun to appear at the event. Paul will also be DJ, recreating his 1977-1987 heyday.

Paul, who later went on to work for Century, TFM and Metro Radio, began his career during the club’s popular Thursday night disco.

The celebrations are being held in the run-up to the Grainger Street-based club closing before it sets up home in the former Iona, in Easington Road, at the end of summer.

Paul said: “It was fantastic. I did 10 years there before I moved on to the kids’ TV show Razzmatazz.

“That was where I got my first break and it holds great memories for me. I used to get paid £20 a night and I thought I was rich.

“There are lots of relationships that started there. Hundreds used to go there every week from every angle of the town.

“It was the best place to be. You’d start at the Rovers from 7pm until 11pm, then you’d move onto the Gemini.”

Paul said he remembered Paul Boagey, who used to help him with his discos, and Jimmy Winspear.

Paul, who now runs his own promotions business Goffy Media, will be spinning 1970s and 1980s tunes on the decks. He said: “Benidorm pulls in 8.5 million viewers and to have someone of Shaun’s ilk at the club is going to be fantastic.”

Club committee member Alan Robinson said: “We hope it’s a full house. It will be a night full of nostalgia. It used to get packed every Thursday. You couldn’t get in.”

The club opened in 1891 and is home to a number of sports teams and a residents’ association.

The event will take place from 8pm on Thursday, April 21. Tickets are £3 and available from the club on (01429) 272158.