Beware of works

Phase two of Seaton sea defence works as of July 2013
Phase two of Seaton sea defence works as of July 2013

PARENTS are being urged to keep children away from sea defence works at Seaton Carew over the summer.

Engineers for the £4.3 million scheme issued the warning to families as the schools are about to break up for the holidays.

Phase two of the work to improve the seaside town’s defences are well underway and approximately half way through.

The beach is still open to the public but visitors, especially those with children, are asked to stay away from the area where the work is being carried out which is surrounded by barriers.

A new concrete-clad sea wall is being built to approximately the same height as the existing sea wall.

A curved wall is being added on to that to disperse the force of any waves that crash into it.

The promenade between the coach park and bus terminal is also being widened will also be widened.

Kieran Bostock, Hartlepool Borough Council’s senior engineer, said: “We are well on course with the work and everything is going well.

“We have been able to keep access to the beach open to pedestrians throughout this second phase.

“There are barriers stopping people going on the area. With the school holidays coming up we are asking parents to ensure their children stay out of the work site and respect the barriers in place.”

Phase one of the project, which was carried out last autumn, involved digging out 15 feet into the sand and replacing it with a buried stone foundation.

The second phase is taking part along a 700-metre stretch of the coastline from the Station Lane access ramp to the coach park.

It is part of a series of schemes by the council to strengthen Hartlepool’s sea defences against the effects of coastal erosion and flooding.

The works at Seaton are expected to be finished by the end of October and is being funded by the Environment Agency which has contributed £3.5m, the council and Northumbrian Water.