Birds kicked and stamped to death in horrific allotment attacks

The allotment where a goose was killed.
The allotment where a goose was killed.

Sick thugs kicked and stamped pigeons, chickens and a goose to death during a killing spree which left allotment holders distraught.

The goose’s 69-year-old owner said he knew something had happened to his beloved pet when he could not hear it as he arrived for the morning.

The Goose that was killed.

The Goose that was killed.

But he could not have been prepared for the sight which met him as he discovered the 15-year-old bird left with its head in the soil after it had been stamped to death.

One of his chickens met the same shocking death, while two other hens were snatched.

On another plot raided nearby, three pigeons were left with broken legs and wings after being kicked, leading their owner to have them humanly killed.

Police say other animals have also been left to escape in the break-ins which happened at the allotments between Elmwood Road, Thornhill Gardens and Wiltshire Way in Hartlepool, between 1pm on Sunday and 9am on Monday.

Whoever has done this, they are not normal in head.

Allotment holder

The 69-year-old, who like other allotment holders has asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said: “Whoever has done this, they are not normal in head.

“They’ve killed innocent animals and they should be held to account for it.”

His 72-year-old friend added: “He is devastated. You could see the boot marks on it. It’s going on all the time, it’s crazy, and the police can’t just stand around here all the time.”

The 58-year-old, who lost his pigeons, said he wants Hartlepool Borough Council, which owns the sites, to put more security measures in place.

He said: “I’m distraught because my pigeons are my life.

“I’m very soft-hearted when it comes to animals and me and my wife were distressed when we saw them all squashed on the floor.

“It’s taken me years to breed that strain of bird and they might not cost anything to others, but they’re valuable to me.”

Cleveland Police, which has been working with the council on crime prevention with allotment holders, have branded the incidents “absolutely horrific attacks.”

Officers say another plot where pigeons are kept was also targeted, however the intruders were unable to get to the birds.

A council spokesman added: “We utterly condemn all such cases of animal cruelty and we will do whatever we can to help the police catch those responsible.”

Anyone with information can call police in 101.