Blackmailer who boasted of ‘cushty’ prison life on Facebook given longer sentence by judge

Inside a prison
Inside a prison

A blackmailer who boasted of his ‘cushty’ life in prison has been given more time to enjoy it by a judge.

Patrick Bradley used Facebook to claim he was ‘living the dream’ in HMP Northumberland.

Bradley was jailed for 53 months in April, and was back before Teesside Crown Court to answer charges of perverting the course of justice.

In contrast to his Facebook posts, the court heard Bradley made a phone call from prison to say custody ‘is boiling me up’.

Prosecutor Chris Baker told the court: “He was on remand for the blackmail at the time.

“He asked for someone on the outside to visit the victim and a witness in a bid to stop them giving evidence against him.

“Bradley spoke of getting someone to ‘do’ the witness’ car, and fire bomb the victim’s house.

“Since the phone call, Bradley has been convicted of blackmail.

“That involved making threats of causing damage unless the victim paid £1,000.”

Bradley, 23, of Wynyard Mews, Hartlepool, admitted conspiring to pervert the course of justice on March 28.

Jim Withyman defending, cut short his mitigation when Judge Sean Morris indicated the sentence would be a few months.

Judge Morris jailed Bradley for four months to start at the end of his current sentence.

The judge told Bradley: “It has to be consecutive, but I must also bear in mind the total sentence you will serve.

“You are already serving a long sentence for such a young man.

“Had this been dealt with after a trial, it would have been 12 months.

“I reduce that for your plea of guilty, and reduce it still further to take account of the principle of totality.”