Bleak day down at the seaside

Seaton Carew, bad weather August 10 2014
Seaton Carew, bad weather August 10 2014

SUNDAY sunseekers were left disappointed as the heavens opened - and there’s more bad weather on the way throughout the week.

Traders along Seaton Carew seafront, including a ice cream parlours, fish and chip shops and a children’s fairground, were all left frustrated as regular downpours kept customers away.

A few hardy dog walkers braved the elements, but after recent good weather it was a day to forget as people opted to stay at home rather than venture.

The most high-profile victim of the weather was the Hartlepool Carnival Raft race, due to take place off the Fish Sands at the Headland, which was postponed for safety reasons with rough seas and so sign of the rain stopping.

Forecasters predict there’s more of the same on the way over the next few days, with a risk of high winds as well to add to the misery.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are both predicted to be wet with scattered showers throughout both days, though the sun is expected to make an appearance towards the end of the week leading into what will hopefully be a brighter weekend.

Temperatures are expected to get no higher than 60 degrees throughout the week.