Blood biker’s TV deal with Noel

Tony Hudspith (left) with fellow competitors Francesca Shaw, Kris Eskdale (centre) and Jason Westmoreland
Tony Hudspith (left) with fellow competitors Francesca Shaw, Kris Eskdale (centre) and Jason Westmoreland

A LIFESAVING charity volunteer will be opening boxes on the box in a bid to win £250,000 when he takes part in a hit TV game show.

Hartlepool’s Tony Hudspith will appear on screens tomorrow afternoon alongside Noel Edmonds during Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal programme.

The 39-year-old is sworn to secrecy over how his luck unfolded on the hour-long show, but he revealed that his aim was to raise money for organisations he supports.

Dad-of-two Tony is a volunteer with the Blood Bike service, a group of bikers who provide an out-of-hours hospital courier service, and also helps out at Hartlepool Boys’ Brigade.

Tony, who runs Crusader Alarms and lives in Ark Royal Close, Seaton Carew, said: “Being on the show has been absolutely fantastic. I’m still struggling to find the words to describe it. I made a lot of fantastic friends and had a great time.

“My aim was to win the big one and be able to give money to the groups and give them a good plug”.

Tony spent four weeks on the show, which is recorded in Bristol, and was put up in a hotel during the competition.

His big moment finally came when he was selected out of the 22 contestants to join Noel Edmonds to take on the banker.

The show sees each contestant given a sealed box with a value of 1p to £250,000 inside. The player must then choose boxes one-by-one while receiving offers from the banker for their box.

If they don’t take any offers, they are left to open their own box at the end and win what is inside.

Tony, who is a member of Hartlepool Aikedo group Kazoku Ryu and was joined in Bristol by partner Lisa Hudson, 35, said: “I’m a big fan of the show and always thought Noel was great, but he was fantastic with everyone.

“He’s very down to earth, a lot of fun and likes to have the mickey taken out of himself.

“The whole thing was a lot of fun, from the auditions all the way through to the competition”.

You can see Tony take on the banker at 4pm tomorrow.