Bogus MoT and tax disc warning to motorists

MOTORISTS are being warned to watch out when buying cars after a number of fraudulent MOT certificates and tax discs have been found by car buyers in the last week.

The reports have come from the Stockton and Durham areas, but it is believed that they could be more widely circulated within the Cleveland force.

The MOT certificates are believed to be photocopies and the tax discs have been tampered with in order to change the dates.

PC Lee Benson of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “We want to make people aware of the ongoing scam.

“We want to make them wary that when buying cars, especially old cars, they need to be vigilant and check the documents thoroughly.

”By going to the website, and using the digits on the MOT certificate, you are able to check that the certificate is genuine.”

Anyone with information regarding fraudulent documents is asked to contact PC Lee Benson, of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, on the non-emergency 101 number.