Boldly going into the future

A PROUD ship building tradition has been resurrected with a space-age difference thanks to a computer animation company.

A space ship, designed by Hartlepool company Qurios Entertainment, will make its debut on national television tomorrow.

The HMS Seaton Carew will feature in Wednesday night's episode of Hyperdrive, on BBC2, after Qurios Entertainment was commissioned to produce all the computer-generated imagery for the series.

Niel Bushnell, Qurios Entertainment managing director, said: "The main ship in the series is called the HMS Camden Lock, so originally we were going to call it the Trincomalee.

"But when we had a chat with the writers they said that the ships are all named after local places, so they told us we could pick somewhere near us.

"So we went with Seaton Carew, and they loved it."

Episode six of Hyperdrive will be shown on tomorrow, at 10pm, and the HMS Seaton Carew will make its grand entrance towards the end of the show.

"It's basically an inspection ship," said Niel. "HMS Camden Lock is having an inspection so the Seaton Carew brings the inspector from earth to the ship."

Hyperdrive might be set onboard a space ship in 2151, but the crew's mission is not a typical science fiction plot.

Rather than protecting the world from aliens, the crew are trying to encourage aliens to invest in planet earth and relocate their businesses to the UK.

"We've worked on Hyperdrive all the way through," said Niel. "It's our first big thing for television."

Qurios, based in Lower Church Street, Hartlepool, is a leading animation company, which specialises in designing for the games and television industry.