Bomb-plot granddad was ‘pushed to limit by yobs’

THE family of a grandfather found guilty of plotting a napalm bomb attack on yobs have spoken of what drove him to desperate measures.

Nicholas Smith, 53, followed DIY bomb-making instructions to create a crude weapon after claiming he was repeatedly the target of anti-social behaviour.

After yobs had hurled eggs at his property he exploded in a fit of rage and promised to “burn” those who had “declared war” on his home, in chilling Facebook posts.

And when officers arrived at Smith’s home, after investigating the egg-throwing incidents, they found him mixing ingredients that could have a “fireball effect” if ignited.

He was found guilty of trying to make explosives on Friday after a seven-day trial at Teesside Crown Court and is in prison on remand while he waits to learn his fate.

His wife, Dorothy, 63, said her husband was “pushed to the limit” by repeated anti-social behaviour which made their life hell.

She vowed to stick by her husband and rejected claims he was a danger to society.

Dorothy, of Twelfth Street, Horden, said: “Nick was pushed to the limit.

“They were making our life hell and it just got too much for him.

“We had kids kicking balls at the window and throwing rubbish at our house.

“It was terrible, I was frightened to go to the front door.

“I locked my doors 24/7 and I couldn’t walk down the street because they would be shouting or throwing abuse.”

Dorothy claimed her husband was subject to vicious taunts accusing him of being a paedophile.

She said: “We installed CCTV to stop them targeting the house but nothing worked.

“We were desperate and then when Nick was arrested I was scared to death on my own.

“There are kids all over the country running wild – no one has any morals any more and they are terrorising neighbourhoods.”

Smith’s daughter, Amanda, who lives just doors away from her dad with her two children, said: “The only thing my dad is guilty of is trying to protect his family.”