Bootcamp coach promises results

PEOPLE wanting to lose weight and tone up have been guaranteed success by coaches at a bootcamp-style training regime which has been launched in Hartlepool.

Swany's Bootcamp is already well established in other towns, with coaches saying people are losing as much as six pounds in a week.

Hartlepool-born Jason Bland, 22, is one of the coaches and said he is pleased to have brought the popular workouts to his home town.

Jason, who lived in the Rift House area of the town until he moved away to university, said he can "promise immediate results" for those who visit Swany's Bootcamp and stick to the plan.

The former Brierton Comprehensive School and Hartlepool Sixth Form College pupil, said: "We set up the training camps in Tyneside and they have been extremely popular there, so I said it would be nice to bring them to Hartlepool.

"So far in the bootcamps we have seen some very good results and I can promise people that if they come and they are dedicated and stick to the plan, they will lose weight and tone up."

The workouts involve two weekly sessions in the main sports hall at English Martyrs RC School and Sixth Form College, in Catcote Road, and people who sign up also receive an extensive nutrition plan.

Jason said the bootcamp sessions don't involve him and other coaches screaming in people's faces getting them to work harder. Instead they work around a type of training which keeps the fat burning for around 24 hours after the workout has finished,

He claims that the training, twinned with the nutrition plan, always has positive results and the bootcamp offers a 100 per cent money-back guarantee to people who aren't happy.

Jason, who now lives in Jesmond but still regularly comes back to Hartlepool to visit his mum, Evelyn, who lives in Rift House, and his dad, Barrie, who lives in Rossmere, added: "Sport and fitness has always been a passion of mine and I really enjoy doing the sessions, especially when I see people so happy with the results.

"There are always new diets that people are talking about, but our workouts don't include any crash dieting or being forced into going to the gym.

"If people stick to our plan and the training, they will lose weight, get leaner and tone up."

The bootcamp sessions take place at the school in Catcote Road, in Hartlepool, every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.45am-7.45am.

Evening sessions will also be starting on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.45pm-6.45pm from the start of February.