Booze rates cause “extreme concern”

CAMPAIGNERS have slated drinking levels in areas such as Hartlepool and County Durham as “extremely concerning”.

The latest Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) showed Hartlepool ranked 323rd out of 326 local authority areas in the country for numbers of men admitted to hospital with drink-related problems.

The rates for women placed the town 316th out of 326 areas for numbers admitted to hospital for booze-related problems.

In County Durham, male hospital admission rates placed the area 290th out of 326, while female admission rates put County Durham 303rd.

Mary Edwards, programme manager for Alcohol Treatment at the North-East campaign group Balance, said: “The fact is that too many people are drinking too much too often and it is having a devastating impact on the region. It is also worrying that we continue to have England’s heaviest young drinkers and more needs to be done to protect them.”