Booze rates shock for town

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HARTLEPOOL was today revealed as one of the worst areas of England for alcohol abuse and its effect on the National Health Service.

The town ranks in the bottom four in the country for numbers of men admitted to hospital with drink-related problems.

It is placed 323rd out of 326 local authority areas with an estimated 2,000 men taken in.

It wasn’t much better for women either.

They ranked 316th out of 326 areas for numbers of women admitted to hospital for booze-related problems with an estimated 1,200 taken in.

Experts also estimate that the town ranked 310th in the country for levels of binge drinking.

Hartlepool’s bleak record has been revealed in newly released statistics from the North West Public Health Observatory on behalf of the Public Health Observatories in England.

Nationally, researchers found that poorer communities have substantially higher levels of alcohol-related ill health, anti-social behaviour and premature deaths than their wealthier neighbours, research suggests.

Clare Perkins, deputy director of the North West Public Health Observatory, said: “The impact of alcohol is a major driver in the health inequalities we see across England.”

A Government spokesman said: “Alcohol causes misery for too many people - that’s why earlier this year we set out radical plans to reduce excessive drinking, close problem premises and crack down on alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder.”