Boozer asked to be sent to jail

A MAN who was about to be sentenced to a curfew made a last-second plea to justices to send him to jail – and they granted his wish.

Michael Gordon appeared before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court in custody and pleaded guilty to breaching bail on August 18, being drunk and disorderly on August 11 and being in breach of a suspended sentence order.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Lynne Hodgson and her colleagues considered how to punish the 20-year-old and decided that a six-month community order and a four-month curfew would be appropriate.

But, before she had finished speaking, Gordon asked how long he would be sent to prison for if the justices had chosen that punishment.

When he was told the term would be eight weeks, he said: “I’ll just do it.”

His solicitor, Neil Taylor, said: “I think that suggests he won’t comply with the curfew and community order.”

The request saw the bench reconsider and announce that Gordon, of Elliott Street, Hartlepool, would be sent to prison for eight weeks, of which he will serve half.

The sentence followed magistrates being told of Gordon’s antics in Elliott Street on August 11 when he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Prosecuting, Lilian Atkinson said: “It was 4.45am when officers were called to reports of two men fighting in the street.

“When they arrived Gordon had his shirt off and he became abusive towards officers. He also started spitting at houses as he walked along the road.”

Gordon then failed to appear at court on August 18.

Mitigating, Mr Taylor added: “On the night in question he’d had too much to drink. It was his abuse towards police officers and not members of the public which got him arrested.”