Boy’s head stuck in railings

FIRE crews were called to help a young boy after he managed to get his head stuck in-between railings outside a care home.

The eight-year-old was playing with his friends outside of Gardner House, in Brierton Lane, Hartlepool, when he poked his head between the railings.

Unfortunately for him, he got wedged and a concerned member of the public called for help.

Firefighters from Stranton Fire Station were called and they spent about half-an-hour prising the railings open with pneumatic spreaders to allow the boy to escape.

The parted railings were then pushed back together again.

The embarrassed youngster, who was not injured, was reunited with his mum who had arrived at the scene just as fire crews rescued him.

Andy Robinson, watch manager at Stranton Fire Station, said: “We do receive these type of calls every now and again, but it is pretty unusual.

“They are a lot more frequent during the summer months when the children are off.

“The boy was embarrassed, but otherwise fine.”

The incident happened at 3.45pm yesterday.