Bradley Lowery's message as song in his honour rides high in charts

Bradley Lowery has touched the hearts of people around the world.
Bradley Lowery has touched the hearts of people around the world.

Brave Bradley Lowery has launched a video appeal for people to buy a song in his honour - as it rides high in the iTunes charts.

Smile for Bradley, performed by sisters Olivia Crawford and Georgia Fletcher - known as Liv'n'G - sits third in the iTunes charts.

Sisters Georgia Fletcher and Olivia Crawford aka Liv'n'G.

Sisters Georgia Fletcher and Olivia Crawford aka Liv'n'G.

The song is raising funds for Bradley's fundraising drive to pay for the six-year-old's treatment against Neuroblastoma.

Any unused funds will be used to set up Bradley's charity in the future to help other children with their campaigns.

With the song riding high in the charts, the Blackhall Colliery youngster is hoping even more will show their support.

In a video posted on the Bradley Lowery's fight against neuroblastoma Facebook page, Bradley said: "Everyone please download my song."

The song is a cover of the Charlie Chaplin song 'Smile'.

Some of Bradley's class-mates at Blackhall Primary School performed on the track.

Olivia and Georgia, from Bishop Cuthbert, were filmed while they sang with the youngsters, with the footage to be used in a music video accompanying the song.

The sisters launched a Christmas song for him last year, with 'Bradley - Our Superhero (A Christmas Wish)' reaching number 12 in the charts.

The latest song was chosen because of Bradley's smile, which has touched the hearts of so many people around the world.

Speaking after the song was announced earlier this month, Olivia said: "We wanted to do this song because of Bradley's smile.

"In every single photo on Facebook he is smiling.

"We can't imagine what he is going through or what his family is going through, but his smile has captured the hearts of not only us, but the nation and the world, so we wanted to do this for such an amazing little boy."

Georgia added: "We hope that everyone will get behind it to help make more memories for Bradley, support Bradley and his family and raise money, not only for Bradley but for other children."