Bradley Lowery's mum's plea after influx of messages

A huge amount of messages have been sent to Bradley Lowey's family asking how he is.
A huge amount of messages have been sent to Bradley Lowey's family asking how he is.

Bradley Lowery's family has assured people they will let everyone know how he is doing after being overwhelmed by messages.

Gemma, the six-year-old's mum, has issued a statement following a deluge of notes asking how her boy is doing.

Bradley, who lives in Blackhall, is receiving palliative care after the neuroblastoma cancer which returned last year could no longer be attacked through treatment.

Today, Gemma wrote via the Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma Facebook page: "Please note due to the high volume of messages the page gets on a daily basis we will not be answering the ones that ask how Bradley is doing.

"I appreciate everyone's concern but I will update everyone at the same time by writing a status.

"I will not be answering any messages regarding alternative therapies such as cannabis oil.

"As a parent I've done and tried everything I can to cure Bradley, but unfortunately nothing has worked.

"Also I really don't like to read messages saying that you think my child is going to die within the next week, asking if he has died yet, or asking if I know when he is going to die so please think of how I feel when reading that sort of thing before sending a message.

"Thank you for everyone's support, I do really appreciate it.

"I will update on Bradley later today.

"Happy Tuesday guys, have a lovely day."

She urged people to back a single which will raise money to support Bradley and other children with cancer.

She said: "If you haven't done it already please download #smileforbradley the video for the song will be released very soon and it's a lovely tribute to lots of brave people who have fought cancer with a smile on their face ❤️❤️"

Read more about the single here.