Bradley Lowery's parents heading to London to discuss possible cancer treatment trial

Bradley Lowery.
Bradley Lowery.

The parents of cancer battler Bradley Lowery are heading to London to discuss the future of their son's cancer treatment.

Gemma and her husband Carl are making their way to the capital after the youngster was accepted onto a cancer trial.

They will meet with a professor at Great Ormond Street Hospital to discuss further the CART T cell trial which will be funded by Cancer Research UK

The five-year-old from Blackhall Colliery is currently receiving specialist treatment in a bid to give him as much time as possible after doctors found his neuroblastoma cancer is still growing.

In a social media post by his mum Gemma, she said they were unable to make any decision until after they receive scan results next week, to see if his current treatment is working.

This weekend the youngster, who is said to be "not too grand" healthwise, has been spending time with his grandparents.

Today, in a post on Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma Facebook page, Gemma wrote: "Bradley has had a tough week with treatment and is still not too grand.

“He is out of hospital now and spending some time with his grandparents.

“Myself and his dad are travelling down to London today to meet with a professor at Great Ormond Street hospital.

“Bradley has been accepted on a trial down there and we need to discuss it and sign consent.

"This trial is been funded by Cancer Research Uk. It is called CAR T cell trial.

“It is only phase one, which means it is still in the very early stages, but it has shown promise in other types of cancer.

"Bradley has scans next week to see if his current treatment is working, therefore we can not decide what's next until we get the scan results.

“We are hoping and praying for good news please keep him in your prayers."

Meanwhile, Bradley's family have been contacted by Middlesbrough Football Club to ask if he would like to be a special guest for the game against his beloved Sunderland on Wednesday, 26 April.