Bradley is set for head shave as mum reveals extent of cancer's return

The mum of cancer fighting schoolboy Bradley Lowery has spoken the 'torture' she feels watching her son go through cruel but essential treatment for a second time.

Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 4:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 5:49 pm
Bradley Lowery, pictured while he was being treated for cancer.

Tumours were found during checks on the four-year-old from Blackhall last month, with further tests confirming his neuroblastoma has returned.

They have found a tumour in his side and signs of the disease in his right knee and thigh bone, lymph nodes and lungs.

Chemotherapy is causing his hair to fall out, but to lessen the impact, he will have his head shaved tomorrow night.

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The effort has already raised around £1,000, which will go towards the £700,000 needed for treatment in America.

He has been undergoing a stem cell harvest, which may have to be repeated, spent six nights in hospital after he became ill because of his wiped-out immune system and had to have seven blood transfusions in addition to the tough cancer-killing treatment.

Mum Gemma, who is married to Carl, both 33, who are also parents to Kieran, 14, said: “We’re absolutely devastated because we knew inside it was going to be the neuroblastoma, but we were just holding on to that hope they were wrong.

“Bradley doesn’t understand the full extent of it, but he does understand he can’t do what normal little boys and girls can do and he’s starting to understand the terminology again.

“Before he was all normal and got used to a bit of normalisation, he didn’t know any different and now he doesn’t know why when everyone else can go to the park, he had to go to hospital.

“It’s torture to see it a second time around because we know what is coming this time.

“There’s not as much hope or a cure, and before there were a couple of chances.

“The first time there was a 50% chance of survival, this time, we need the money to have a hope.”

Information on how to help Bradley’s fund can be found via his Facebook page Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma.