Brave Alice Skinner dreams of life as a nurse after picking up GCSE results

Alice Skinner is hoping to become a pediatric nurse.
Alice Skinner is hoping to become a pediatric nurse.

A courageous teenager who battled the odds is on her marks for a bright future after receiving her GCSE results.

Alice Skinner, 16, is set to continue her bid to become a pediatric nurse after achieving the grades she needed at St Hild’s School, in Hartlepool.

She was born without properly formed kidneys, and has battled numerous health problems over the years as a result.

She was Britain’s youngest patient to go on dialysis at just six months old and has cheated death many times since.

Her ambition is to help other poorly children by becoming a pediatric nurse, and her GCSE results mean she will now be able to study a health and social care course at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

Alice said: “After everything I’ve been through, I’m happy to get these results.

“I had to miss quite a lot of school so had to play catch-up, but got there in the end.

“I’m especially pleased with my result in RE, which was always my favourite subject.

“My ambition is to be a pediatric nurse and hopefully my results can help me with that.”

After four years on the donor list, Alice finally underwent a transplant in April 2009.

However, there have been setbacks since, with Alice having undergone brain surgery due to a build-up of fluid just four months after the transplant.

In recent times, she has suffered chest problems and infections, as the amount of medication she needs to take means her immune system is not as strong as other people.

Alice has proved to be an inspiration to others, and has won numerous medals over the years in the British Transplant Games.

Health remains a daily battle, though, as she has to take about 20 tablets a day for the rest of her life to prevent her body rejecting her donor kidney.