Brave cancer victim tells of daily battle against pain

Lynsey Robinson pictured with partner Tony.
Lynsey Robinson pictured with partner Tony.

BARELY an hour goes by where cancer-riddled Lynsey Robinson isn’t crying in excruciating pain.

The brave 29-year-old can’t stand up for more than a brief moment before she collapses, she can’t eat without vomiting, she can’t sleep laying down without screaming due to the crippling pain.

A little over two years ago, Lynsey was looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her “soul mate” and husband, Tony, 55.

But her life was turned upside down in March 2009 when, at just 26, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Confident medics predicted a 95 per cent chance of survival – but just months later Lynsey was facing up to the devastating truth after being told treatment wasn’t successful and the cancer was terminal.

In January this year, Lynsey was told she had just months to live.

Today, sat at home alongside her “rock” Tony, courageous Lynsey issued a poignant message: “Make the most of every day, and live life to the full.”

Despite the horror of counting down her days and admitting no quality of life remains, inspiring Lynsey says she has accepted what is happening to her and focuses each day on battling the awful pain.

But wiping the tears from his eyes, emotional Tony, a former demolition worker who has five children and three grandchildren from a previous marriage, says: “Why us?

“This should be happening to me, not her, she’s 29 years old.”

The loving couple had just returned from a cruise trip when Lynsey, who had been complaining of feeling unwell for a number of weeks, went for a smear test.

Shortly after she was called in and told the heart-wrenching news that no 26-year-old should have to hear – she had cancer.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy at James Cook Hospital, in Middlesbrough, were complete by July and Lynsey and her family thought they had got over the worst of it.

But devastating news was still to come, when Lynsey found out that the cancer had spread and was going to take her life.

A woman who two years ago was healthy and excited about her future was left planning her own funeral.

Yet another blow was launched Lynsey’s way early this year when she was told that the cancer was active and she had just months to live.

“I just sort of went into shock when I found out it was terminal,” says Lynsey, sat in her living room in Hartlepool’s Blake Street, where she lives with Tony, and two dogs Suzie and Rambo, which she describes as her babies.

The living room is now where Lynsey spends most of her life.

She is unable to lay in a bed, and says she is lucky to go any more than an hour without awful pain causing a fit of tears.

She says with the help of medics she has tried everything to null the pain, without success.

Tony spends every second at her side.

The couple brought their marriage forward and walked down the aisle in January this year in a small service at Hartlepool Register Office.

Their wedding rings are engraved with the words “always and forever”.

“This is the way I want it to be, spending my final months or however long I’ve got with Tony,” said Lynsey.

“We are soul mates.

“If it wasn’t for Tony I would have given up a long time ago.”

Holding back more tears, Tony adds: “Lynsey is so brave, she is an inspiration”