Brave Hartlepool mum who suffered broken bones after crushing fall from horse is back in the saddle

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A BRAVE mum thrown from a horse has got back in the saddle and tackled the riding route where she suffered a horror fall a year ago.

Linda Kendrick, 42, is still recovering from the effects of a broken collar bone and shoulder blade.

She still needs physiotherapy after the incident in which her horse Cheese stumbled on a bridle path and threw her to the ground.

But the undaunted mum is refusing to be beaten by the traumatic incident and has already returned to horse riding.

She told the Hartlepool Mail: “I have gone out riding again and gone back on the dreaded route. I had no problems with it and I am careful when I am in that area. It hasn’t stopped me.”

The drama made front page news after Linda’s six-year-old daughter Rose Fisher bravely raised the alert.

Rose jumped from her own pony and sprinted one mile back through fields to get help at the farm where she and her mum had set off from.

After running for about 20 minutes, breathless Rose found two teenagers at the farm, before racing back to her mum.

One of the teens rang for paramedics who in turn scrambled the air ambulance to the scene.

The incident was so serious that Linda, from Hamilton Road in Hartlepool, needed five months to get back into her job as branch manager for an engineering company in Middlesbrough.

Even now, she is still receiving help on her road back to full health.

Linda explained: “I am still getting twinges down my right hand side where my hip is, and they did tell me it would be a year to get back to normal.

“The feeling is slowly coming back. They say another couple of months and I will be there.”

The incident near Hart village happened on Sunday, September 9, last year.

During the drama, Linda was given morphine to relieve the pain before being stretchered to the helicopter which had landed in a nearby cornfield. She was flown to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

The drama prompted Linda to nominate Rose, who attends Fens Primary School in Hartlepool, for a Pride of Hartlepool Award earlier this year. She described her only child as “a little hero”.