Brave Talia’s double boost as she is nominated for Pride of Hartlepool award

Talia Foster enjoying her sensory bedroom with her mum Clair.
Talia Foster enjoying her sensory bedroom with her mum Clair.

BRAVE Talia Foster could be on the verge of a fantastic boost.

The battling five-year-old from Hartlepool may be suitable for a new device which will help her communicate with the outside world for the first time.

And in a second twist, the Springwell Primary School pupil is in the running for the second year in succession for a Pride of Hartlepool award.

It’s the latest in some major new developments for Talia who has tackled epilepsy, brain cysts and numerous respiratory problems in her short life.

Late last year, she took her first steps helped along by her physiotherapists. It was a wonderful boost for her parents Clair, 39, and Brendan, 37.

But now comes another potential development.

Clair said: “She could be suitable for something where she uses her eyes to communicate.”

The intricate device – a Tobii Eye Gaze – is a specialist way for people to indicate their needs and feelings with their eyes.

So far, Talia has only had a brief trial run but even when she was looking downwards, she could still control the machine, said Clair.

“They think she could be a good candidate but we are waiting for her to be assessed fully.

“She could learn to indicate whether she is thirsty or hungry. If she is suitable, it could open up a whole new world for her.”

Meanwhile, Talia has been nominated for the second year running for a Pride of Hartlepool award.

The nomination said: “She has been having seizures since she was four days old.

“She has been in and out of hospital and has a vast range of tests and assessments.”

Clair, also mum of Callum, 18, and Gabrielle, nine, said: “It is lovely that she is still in everyone’s hearts. To me, she is a little child of courage.”

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